The Front Door to the Foster Care System… Where to Start

We hear story after story about how frustrated people become after deciding to get involved. Feeling excited and ready to begin, but you have no idea where to go. The first step is usually contacting an agency and signing up for the MAPP training. But who are the agencies? How do you contact them? What is MAPP? Why do you need MAPP? What if I just want to adopt from the foster care system?

Gathered believes you need your questions answered before jumping in. We offer Foster Care 101 for individuals and families who want to get involved but do not know where to begin.

During this informative class, we discuss who the agencies are, and how to choose who you decide supports you as a foster parent. We explain what MAPP training is and why it is important. We will also give you a map of the foster care system and how to navigate it.

Foster child with her foster family for the first time.

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