You are the Solution

You have heard stories of the foster care system in Kansas. Maybe you are here and are not ready to bring children into your home, but you desire to be part of the solution. Welcome! We could use someone just like you!

You are Needed

The foster care system in Kansas has its struggles, but the good news is that there are many people in our community, who not only desire change but are taking action. We need people who don’t get discouraged about the state of foster care but are ready for action. If you are ready to get off the sidelines there are areas where you can help.

A child ponders the realities of life.
Foster child with foster/adoptive family.

You can be a Donor

As a non-profit, we need money to keep going. You can always donate monetarily, or physically by volunteering during our big events, or through partnerships. We desire to work together with agencies, companies, churches, etc. We know that we are stronger together so we have worked to gather non-profits, agencies, state representatives, and individuals in our city to improve the foster care system in Kansas.

Put Your Gifts to Work!