Support for Foster & Adoptive Families

As foster parents, you face a lot of unique challenges. Gathered is here to help you navigate the system.

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Foster & Adoptive Families Need Support. We’re Here to Help.

We have witnessed the struggle of navigating the child welfare system in Kansas. Foster and adoptive families are on the front lines loving children from hard places. We know that support and resources are hard to find, and that those who would like to help don’t have a clear “front door” into the system. We are here to guide you.

Resources, support, and training for potential & current foster/adoptive families

Interested in Foster Care?

Excited and ready to begin, but they have no idea where to go? Start here!

Upcoming Events

We host multiple events throughout the year to build strong communities and further support our foster/adoptive families.


We desire to partner with businesses, organizations, and churches to serve those in our community who foster and adopt

Who We Are

Gathered is a group of passionate individuals who have seen the gaps in the local child welfare system. In Sedgwick County, there are around 1150 children in foster care and only 630 foster families. There are simply not enough families stepping in to care for our city’s children and the current foster families are not getting enough support or training.

When foster families feel supported and trained well, they continue to foster. Gathered provides support and training for individuals and families who foster and adopt.


Gathered is located in Wichita, KS

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